BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) Builder Gel Nails

At Dead Pretty, experience a BIAB treatment that gives you beautiful nails whilst protecting your nails from breaking, chipping or peeling.



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What is builder gel and why do you need it in your life?

There are many different types of builder gels in the market nowadays. You may have heard of them being referenced as ‘Builder Gel’, ‘BIAB’, ‘Naturabuild’, and ‘Build Me Up’ amongst others. They are all very similar products, and the purpose of builder gel remains the same for all of them.

What’s the difference between a normal gel manicure and builder gel?

In comparison to a normal gel manicure, builder gel is typically a thicker type of gel and depending on your desired outcome, it’s usually applied slightly differently to create a structured layer over your natural nails.

Builder gel tends to have a bit more flexibility and elasticity than regular gel. I like to describe it as a rubber eraser. So it’s pretty solid but also flexible. This just means that it’s less likely to chip or fracture and allows your natural nails to grow underneath.

What is Builder Gel good for?

A lot of our clients tend to use builder gel to help promote their natural nail growth. A good strengthening overlay means your nails are less likely to break and chip, and can be a really good help for nail biters & for people whose nails are particularly brittle and weak.

How long will Builder Gel Nails last and what’s the upkeep?

As long as you’re following the correct aftercare, your BIAB or builder gel manicures should last you 3+ weeks.

Builder gel can be infilled, or soaked off at maintenance appointments. 

We would advise no longer than 3 weeks between appointments to begin with where we will check the condition of your natural nails and make sure everything is looking nice and healthy.

Do my nails need time to ‘breathe’?

It is a myth that nails need time to ‘breathe.’ Your nails are not living tissue. Looking after the skin around them is the key to dreamy nails & getting the maximum longevity manicures.
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